Written by Zaynab Asmal

2019 has started off with a bang and the acceleration is already building as we head to some of the biggest events of the year. But the love and interest in small events that support cosplay still remains, so our deepest thanks to those who came through for this event.

There were some unfortunate issues that took us some time to iron out with the animation festival management, and we once again apologise to everyone involved for the inconvenience. But you still made this event for us, and we hope the numerous camera crews and photographers managed to capture your best sides!

Captain Steve Cosplay and Escha (as Denki, from BnHA) posing for the CTIAF photobooth

Now, onto the winners!

This year we had 6 gift vouchers from CosKraft – one of our favourite wig and cosplay supply store – each worth R250. Wacom generously allowed us use of their stage for our fantastically dressed and in-character contestants to parade their best for everyone to see. Thereafter, our judges – FrostyKitty Cosplay and Ludus Cosplay – announced the winners, which are listed below.

FrostyKitty Cosplay (judge – Nurse Harley), Zaynab (MC – La Muerte, Book of Life), Ludus Cosplay (judge – Claudia, Violet Evergarden)

Best hair and make-up: Candy Arts Cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive (Book of Circus cover art)

WesJade Cosplay (as Soi Fon, Bleach) with Candy Arts Cosplay

Best Newcomer: Tay-yibah as Princess Mononoke

Family of new cosplayers! Tay-yibah, Zaheera Matthews
(Princess Leia), Faheem Gabier (Ash, Pokemon) and Shakier Matthews (Captain America)

Best Outfit: Aiko Cosplay as Umi Sonada (Love Live)

Aiko Cosplay

Best Prop: Captain Steve Cosplay as Captain America

Captain Steve Cosplay posing with his winning shield.

Best Character Representation: Kiwi CosArts as Pink Steven (Steven Universe)

Admin MittelElfCat Cosplay (Samurai Jack) with Kiwi CosArts

Best Animation Cosplay: Black Lily Cosplay as Alita (Battle Angel Alita, manga version)

Black Lily Cosplay as Alita

Congrats to all the winners! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Aiko Cosplay with friends

Don’t forget that this weekend is both Japan Day in Stellenbosch and UCON at GrandWest! Cosplay Cape Town will be running a masquerade at Japan Day on Saturday, joined by some cosplay performances on stage. On Sunday, we will be hosting the construction competition at UCON, once again with the judging team of FrostyKitty Cosplay and Ludus Cosplay. Both events look amazing in the planning stages, and we can’t wait to see them soar in the execution! We look forward to having fun with you all this weekend again 💜

WesJade Cosplay, Zaynab and FrostyKitty Cosplay: some of the admins who can’t wait to see you next weekend!