Written by Zaynab Asmal

This month has been quite the crazy ride and somehow it’s still not over! We didn’t manage to write a #FridayFeature, but here is a mid-week update about the winners of this weekend’s events!

First up: Japan Day Recap!

Japan Day 2019 took place at the Oude Libertas Market in Stellenbosch on Saturday, which is practically the Cape Town Japanese Consulate’s home turf! (Did you know that they have an annual New Year’s mochi pounding event there?) Among the scenic vineyards and pounding sun of the Northern Suburbs, we explored the market that is there every Saturday, only this time with some very Japanese additions. You can see some of this in the Facebook lives we did at the event, linked here and here.

Potato Sack (admin and MC) as Totora and Ren’s Box of Tricks as Mami from Puella Magica Madoka at the Cosplay Cape Town table.

The full write up of what was there has been posted practically everywhere, but to sum up: there was a martial arts village; a Japanese business and tourism section; a Kids Zone; a Cultural Area; a Japanese Food Village; tons of demos, DIYs, and cool things to see, from fish to movies; and great stage performances that were only slightly disrupted by load shedding.

Cosplay Cape Town had a table located right by the Kids Zone at the end of the market and near the shaded tree picnic area, which was such a blessing in disguise. Despite the heat, we got to meet so many young people interested in cosplay, as well as a variety of age groups that weren’t necessarily interested in Japanese things but were attracted by the display. Being so close to the face painting also allowed us to get one of the kids to enter the cosplay contest, where the crowd fell in love with him. It was a different, but utterly wonderful experience to interact with such a variety of colorful people.

Huge kudos goes to the volunteers who staffed the table: Yumnami, Ren’s Box of Tricks and Zoeleena Cosplay! They were a breath of fresh air and the crowds around the table and on stage loved them! Ren and Zoeleena both also performed skits on stage, despite the heat and the change of schedule from 12:00 to 14:15 (due to load shedding until 14:00).

Originally, the plan was to have the parade of cosplayers who signed up (most of them new!) go on stage alongside some of the admins and the MC, Potato Sack Cosplay, while members of the Consulate judged them. But with a large and very passionate crowd amped to the max, the Consulate yielded the judging process to the audience. Their screams and chants were difficult to quantify, but in the end, their chosen 5 each won a weekend pass to FanCon, valued at R300.

The winners are as follows:

Charel Viljoen – Monkey D Luffy (One Piece)

Charel as Luffy, his brother as Sanji, MittelElfCat Cosplay as Haku and Zoeleena Cosplay as Kimono Mei (Overwatch)

Jade Crystal – Clockwork (Creepypasta). Please note that the audience mistakenly chose an admin to be one of the winners, but she passed it on to runner-up, Jade.

From left to right: Zoeleena Cosplay, Misaki the Cute (admin) and Jade Crystal!

Ameer Essack – Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas). Check out his celebratory in-character karaoke session post here!

Kayla Tait– Dabi (Boku no Hero Academia)

Petro Pretorius – Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Petro Pretorius as Erza Scarlet and Misaki the Cute, doing the Fairy Tail pose.

Thank you to everyone who attended, who visited us and who snapped pictures at our table and listened to us talk. Everyone’s support was immeasurable and we are grateful to you all! Of course, thanks to Reader’s Den for sponsoring the prizes for the event, and to the Japanese CT Consulate and their team for putting together this spectacular event!

Posing with Ameer and his mum (from left to right) is Ludus Cosplay as Howl, FrostyKitten Cosplay as Kiki, MittelElfCat Cosplay and Yumnami as Hibari Kyoya.

Secondly, UCON!

The most successful convention run by a university society ever took place this past weekend, and moved off campus for the first time. In collaboration with ACGL, UCON 2019 met Afresports and took off at Grand West to great applause.

So many wonderful stalls selling some of the best geeky merch was on display, and there were plenty of opportunities to win big (for free) in the various tournaments and quizzes. Check out this video to have a cosplayer walk you through some of UCON’s offerings. Their iconic maid cafe included butlers this time, and they delivered on sweet treats and savories throughout the weekend, all served with typical anime maid antics.

Cosplay Masquerade on Sunday, provided by Genshiken (Fadiyah Rabin)

Both days featured plenty of gorgeous cosplayers, many of them novices, but every single one was fantastic to see! CCT was only there on Sunday for the Advanced Cosplay Competition, where contestants had to make 60% of their costume. We had one newcomer and the rest were veterans, but all of them rocked the stage with their character skits. Their stage time was followed by a masquerade of other cosplayers who attended the event, all of which you can see here! Apologies for the quality of the live and the dim lighting…

But anyway, on to the winners! Originally there were three prizes – gift bags from various UCON vendors and tickets to FanCon – but two gifts were given as special mentions by the Genshiken UCT team, who host the event. The additional prizes were valued at at around R500, while the winners’ went up to R3000.

The first special mention was Tarryn as Akame (Akame ga Kill). A newcomer to the scene, she entered the construction competition.

Tarryn and her dad (as Dutch from Black Lagoon), provided by Genshiken (Fadiyah Rabin)

The second special mention went to Ashura Secret as Star Guardian Ahri from League of Legends. She was only there for the masquerade, but hopefully we will see her enter a contest soon!

Ashura Secret and Space Otaku Cosplay as Military Deku (Boku no Hero Academia)

In third place was Zoeleena Cosplay as Riven (League of Legends)

Zoeleena cosplay, provided by Genshiken UCT (Nicole Thiel)

The runner up was Titan Cosplay as Scarecrow (DC, Arkham Knight)

Titan cosplay, provided by Genshiken UCT (Nicole Thiel)

The ultimate winner was Kalypso Cosplay as Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII)!

Congratulations to all the winners and well done on your amazing costumes and makeup! Thank you to everyone who entered, everyone who came on stage for a fun masquerade and to their support teams 🙂 Check out Genshiken UCT to see all of their future events, including an upcoming anime screening!

Lastly, ComicEx this week!

The big bang at the end of a hardy cosplay month is approaching; will you be there?

There are multiple cosplay-related events, all of which can be found on the event page. Renowned cosplayers Ludus Cosplay and Maggie Coetzee will be judging the Sunday construction competition, while Saturday will be a casual masquerade. Both will be MC-ed by WesJade Cosplay, and the Sunday contest will have cash prizes. There are separate categories for entry depending on how much of the costume you made, so be sure to check it out!

There will also be a photography workshop by Shay Wood, and a pattern-making workshop by Maggie.

Cosplay Cape Town will be there both days for sign ups, queries and to ensure a smooth session! Come stop by our table and snap some pics, as well as give us a chance to get to know you. See you soon <3 !

UCON judges FrostyKitty Cosplay as Toga and Ludus Cosplay as Aizawa from BnHA