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Ren’s Box of Tricks has officially been cosplaying since the end of 2011. She started cosplaying through the Cosplay Cape Town Facebook group when the founders created the first Picnic event in 2011 where she cosplayed Hinata Hyuga (Naruto) in her Genin Uniform.

Her next (non picnic) event was also her first time attending Free Comic Book Day the following year in May as Hinamori Momo (Bleach) in her lieutenant attire.Her Favourite events are tied between Japan day and Fancon due to the rich culture you are exposed to whetherit’s Japanese or Geekdom.

We took the liberty of asking her few questions just so you can get to know her.

A fond/funny cosplay memory?

“I remember in 2013 at FCBD, I was dressed up as Tony Tony Chopper covered from head to toe in valour. I was over heated thanks to poor planning regarding ventilation; while I was sitting on some stairs feeling really low (because I had not placed in the Top 20) I started hearing some excited squeals in a foreign language. Then it happened 3 Asian girls were fangirling over ME because they loved my cosplay of their favourite Character.

I have fond memories of any cosplay that I have warn when a person tells me that they love that character, it gives me a sense of pride when I try to do justice to characters that people enjoy.”

Any cosplaying tip(s) you’d like to share

Photo taken by Grant Hinds Kirstenbosch Picnic Jan 2013

“When going to a con make sure to pack your own snacks and drinks. It is important to stay hydrated and no one wants to see a Hangry prop wielding cosplayer trying to take off con-goers heads. Also note that some cons have inflated prices when it comes to drinks and snacks.

Plus ALWAYS bring lens solution whether you wear contacts or not – your eyes tend to dry out a lot due to air cons.”

Advice for new cosplayers?

“Research is your friend; research is life; research is <3 If you don’t know how to do something please talk to Granny Google because there will be others who wondered the same thing or have solved what you need assistance in.

Also… WELCOME TO THE COSPLAY COMMUNITY!!!!!!! Never be shy when in cosplay (unless that’s your characters persona) if your new to a con you are ALWAYS welcome to con crawl with me 😉 but be prepared to meet other cosplayers as there will be some introductions.”

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