By Kiwi-Cos-Art

Hey everyone its me Kiwi and im here to talk you you all about stage confidence.

Now I know that not everyone is the most confident person in the planet and im not here to shame or make you feel bad about having anxiety or stage fright or anything like that.
I know we all are just lil beans who wanna just watch series and eat snaccs.

But hopefully with some of the tips I give you here you can make it look like you aren’t crying inside everytime you get on stage.

First tip and the one I use most is….
Knowing the audience is there for a show. The audience is quite literally there for you and every other cosplayer so dont feel nervous that they aren’t going to like you. There are only up to 3 people there that are actually there to judge and its the judges who are mainly looking at your cosplay.
So give them a show.

Second tip
This will be hard for you but practice.
If you have months or at least weeks of practice under your cosplay belt then you can rest assured that you wont mess up on stage.

Third tip
Have friends with you at the con whether or not they are into the convention circuit.
There is nothing worse that being at the con by yourself and having to get up on stage without any support so try to always have friends you can be yourself around with you.
You are like 1000% more confident in your friend group.

Fourth tip
Avoid drinking or consuming any energy providing beverage or meal by this I mean avoid caffeine and anything that increases your heart rate because this will make your anxiety much worse and you will start overthinking and over-compensating and that will end up ruining your confidence in your stage presence.

Those were only four tips of the many that are out there but hopefully they still help you with any anxiety you have on stage or performing and here’s another mini-tip.
Come to Kiwi if you are feeling anxious about going up on stage. Kiwi will be there in fact come to kiwi for anything even just for a hug, Kiwi luvs hugs, see you at the con.