Written by Ren’s Box of Tricks

Let’s start off with a bang, Roaring 20’s Style, our 21st picnic took place on the 15th February 2020 at the Majik Forest (Durbanville). As is tradition we gathered for a day of causal picnic fun and played a few games just to spice things up as only Cosplayers know how 😉

Cosplayers arrived from all genres in of life from Anime, movies, video games and evens some original versions. The morning started small enough and really started to gather momentum around noon when the games commenced.

Our first game of the day, facilitated by The Colour of Ductape was a game called “Who am I?”. The rules for the game were simple, volunteers would have an image of a popular character pinned on their backs.

The volunteers were only allowed to ask yes or no questions in order to determine the identity of the character that was pinned to their backs. Prizes included guides to sewing as well as drawing Manga.

Our Winners were Johnathan with the image of Yoko Littner of Gurren Lagann followed by Thomas van Spronson sporting Hisoka Morow from Hunter x Hunter and last but not least Imaad Essack won sporting the ever popular Android 18 of Dragonball Z.

From Left to Right Johnathan; Thomas van Spronson; Imaad Essack
Black Lily getting down to business. Click here to watch how the Bingo went down

The next game was the most dangerous game… the most blood thirsty game… a game called BINGO! If you have been to one of our cosplay picnics before you already know how intense a simple game of bingo can become.

Rules were simple should you get a completed line either Horizontal or Vertical, yell Bingo and come forward. Our Bingo Announcer – Black Lilly Cosplay added in a few more rules to keep things more interesting, the first to yell bingo and touch her ears would be one of the winners.

In addition she commented that that we are not in Harry Potter therefore Diagon Ally (Diagonal) does not apply to completed lines.

With all the adrenaline pumping from the Bingo it was time to announce the “Best dressed According to theme” the entries for this competition was intense as you can imagine.

The winner was…. A TIE!!!!

Congratulations to Darling Death Cosplay who won a Coskraft Voucher and Jay Blue Cosplay who won a 3D printing voucher curtsy of The Colour of Ductape.

How did Jay Blue managed to survive the heat? Well according to Maia Coetzee (a 5 year old Bingo Winner)…. Magician magic.

    Our last set of prizes included tickets to Fancon sponsored by Readers Den, winners included:
  • OMG Someone Actually
  • Captain Steve Cosplay
  • Aiko Cosplay

Congratulations to all our winners, we hope to see you at the next Event Japan day ~14 March 2020 bring your ghibli and we will see you there!