This is a basic, continuously updated list of suggested and known vendors that you can source cosplay goods from. If you would like to be included in this, just send an email to or DM us on social media.

We take no responsibility for the quality of products on this list, although we do our best to ensure that all the local sources are trustworthy. Should you believe otherwise, send us a DM with more info.


If you’re looking to get something custom-made (whether a full outfit, a prop or even a small accessories), check out these options below! Although we tend to link to Facebook profiles, most of these can also be found on instagram by searching for their names!

Ludus Creations – custom made costumes and props. Highly recommended. Apply early for slots.

The Colour of Duct Tape – custom made costumes. Highly recommended, esp for sewing projects. Apply ASAP for slots.

Space Otaku Cosplay – custom made costumes, fast turn around time.

The Cosplay Cartel – custom made props.

SinBin – custom made costumes and props, cosplay supplies.

Fairy Fountains – 3D printing.

Candy Arts cosplay – custom made costumes and props.

Daniela Schnabel – custom made costumes.

Olivia Galley – custom props, jewelry and accessories, as well as make-up artist.

Niji Cosplay – custom made props

Sarah’s Customs – custom sewing projects, costumes and designs

Maramosa Cosplay

David O’Brien

Armory LAM – props galore! Very good quality

AmazeBallz Studio – 3D printing and props.

Velvet Letter

Leanne Karsten

Joanne Ludeke

Kuro Chrome Cosplay

Heidi Du Toit – custom made outfits, owner of Hollywood costumes.

Naughty Dragon Creations

Roberto Wright

Heidi Couture

EnChanted Designs

The Mad Merchant

Infinite Bunny – Particularly for 3D printing and props in Cape Town.

Kitten’s Play Pen – for specific fur related needs (ears and tails set)

Olivier Ashle – for custom tails

Local Cosplay Supplies:

Koncept Kitty – wigs, lenses, costumes, sourcing.

CosKraft – wigs, lenses, thermoplastic foam, cosplay supplies.

Glamor Hair – cosplay wigs (separate section on their website). They also have a physical store in Sandton. Their quality is decent and good for the price!

Eye Voodoo – lenses.

Deckle Edge – paint, brushes, arts and craft materials.

Sondor – EVA and SPX Foam.

Builders’ Warehouse – craft supplies

Fabric World – fabrics, haberdashery.

International Cosplay Supplies

AliExpress – costumes and wigs

Ebay – costumes and wigs

Wish – costumes and wigs

Arda – wigs

MicCostumes – costumes and wigs

Pinka Paradise – lenses, prescription and non.